Behind the Nines – The Clones [interview]

When it comes to two peas in pod, there is nothing less identical than Freedom and Milla. But when these two are together, they are literally, The Clones. The two make up the freshest duo out of California since Double-Doubles and milk shakes, and they’re single Chasing the Sun is definitely making some noise.

Recently, Covrdup was lucky enough to catch these two for an exclusive Behind the Nines interview. But, before we get into it, here’s a little 411 on the upcoming phenomenon.

    Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA (Milla); Los Gatos, CA (Freedom)
    Birth Year: Unknown (Milla); 4000AD (Freedom)
    Ethnicity: Dark Chocolate (Milla); Keanu Reeves (Freedom)
    Record Label: Wynn Alliance Records AKA WAR

Now without further ado lets get Behind the Nines with The Clones.

  1. What does a typical day or week look like for you?

    Milla – Writing, Recording, Partying, Events, taking care of my daughter.

    Freedom – Writing, Recording, Meetings, Fitness, overseeing/furthering the other projects on the label. Additional business ventures such as two music related TV shows that are in development.

  2. When & how did you realize music was a career you wanted to pursue?

    Milla – When I was 12 and my counselor took an interest in my poetry and told me that writing music would make me more money. That was all I needed to hear.

    Freedom – Through a tennis charity event I fell into music. One of the participants had coincidentally grown up with tennis a coach. So naturally we had to dish some dirt on him. I went to meet up with this individual at his office a week or two later. On his wall hung platinum albums for Madonna, Linkin Park, etc.. I was more than intrigued. I now knew someone in “the industry.” I thought to myself, wow, some people actually do this for a living! He gave me some great advice and from there I drew on my past musical experience and hit the ground running!

  3. What is your favorite part of making music? Least favorite?

    Milla – My favorite part of making music is when it connects to my emotions. My least favorite is when I have no connection to the production.

    Freedom – I really enjoy the creative process. Making something out of nothing and ending up with something tangible that didn’t exist just a little while earlier. My least favorite aspect of making music is that sometimes, the process can be drawn out and take some time as you go through the steps of making a proper song from start to finish. Writing, production, cleaning up the track, mixing, mastering, etc.. I hear this noise in my head and I want to hear it coming out of the speakers.

  4. If you produced, wrote, and sang on a track, which song would it be and why?

    MillaHuman Nature by Michael Jackson because I feel like it is one of the most
    artistic songs to hit the earth.

    FreedomIn the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. When everyone on earth knows and waits for your drum fill, you’re doing something right.

  5. What would you be doing if making music were not your career of choice?

    Milla – Teaching/counseling the youth. Helping them make the right decision in life to become successful.

    Freedom – A professional athlete. Using my platform to aid my philanthropic endeavors.

  6. You’re having a dinner party at your house, name one living celebrity you would invite and why?

    MillaOprah. Soak up her knowledge.

    Freedom – NA

  7. If you were a box of cereal, which cereal brand would you be and why?

    MillaWaffle Crisps. Because it’s the best cereal in the world.

    FreedomWheaties. Because it’s the breakfast of champions. (Freedom)

  8. On your tour, or if you were to go on a tour, what are 5 must haves and/or demands?


    • Netflix
    • Game console
    • Chess Board
    • Picture of my daughter
    • Headphones


    • Basketball Hoop / Basketball (or college arena/ gym access in the city we’re in)
    • Studio set up / computer
    • My engineer/all around computer guru
    • DSLR
    • Beef jerky
  9. Who is your #mancrushmondays and #womancrushwednesdays?

    Milla – No Comment

    Freedom – What he said.

The Bonus Round:

  1. If you could interview one artist, who would it be and what’s one question you have to ask?

    MillaJay-Z. What was the most pivotal component in his rise to the top.

    FreedomMax Martin. What’s the secret sauce in that magic Song-burger he’s been serving Year after year.

  2. If there was only one brand of clothing you can wear for the rest of your life, which brand would it be?

    MillaMaison Martin Margiela


Well there you have it folks, Behind the Nines with The Clones. Don’t forget to check out all their links in his bio page; Behind the Nines with The Clones will forever be available on that page, also. Sharing and comments are much appreciated, and it’s always the right thing to do. Stay #Covrdup my friends.

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) – Sophia Scott [cover]

If someone gave me a dollar for every person in the United States that didn’t have a smart phone, I’d probably be able to use that money to go on a nice dinner date with the wife; I definitely wouldn’t have enough to quit my day job.

The rate of the evolution of communication technology has sped up exponentially. The phone was first invented in 1876. It took over a hundred years before the first cell phone was available to the public in 1983. Once that happened, it was only a matter of a two decades to have the world in the palm of our hands. The demand for these incredible mobile devices has been subtly engrossed in our daily lives, and tech companies like Apple has evolved to acclimate to the growing demands and has profited quite substantially.

When it comes to pop culture and being filthy successful, Taylor Swift is comparable to Apple. Just like Apple, Taylor Swift is able to stay the most relevant in her industry by evolving with the times. Her music has transformed from her country beginnings with organic instruments, into a fusion of country-pop, EDM, and hip-pop. Just to give you an idea on how successful she is:

  • Taylor Swift is the first artist to sell one million or more copies of an album in a week-long period for three albums (wikipedia).
  • The total U.S. sales figure from the debut week of 1989 was the highest since 2002 (wikipedia)
  • 1989 eventually became the best-selling album of 2014 in the U.S. market, with over 4.6 million copies sold (wikipedia)
  • Four singles have been released from the 1989: Shake It Off, Blank Space and Bad Blood all have reached number one in the United States, with third single Style being a top-ten hit, peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. (wikipedia).
  • In 2011 she was noted as the 7th-most powerful celebrity with earnings of over $45 million (

As Erykah Badu would say, the list goes On and on

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video has reached over a 130 million views in just over two weeks, and that number is still steadily climbing. Like any pop-song, there has been a copious amount of covers for Bad Blood; today, there is almost 700,000 renditions.

The cover that stands out like an orange hat is the one by Sophia Scott. She takes the original track and goes country with it on her acoustic guitar while captivating the eardrums with her subtle yodels. Sophia surprises me the moment she belts out the first lines of the song and completely blows me away when she hits the first chorus. More than her amazing voice, it’s the way she climbs up and down the track so effortlessly and with so much power that has my face glued to the screen. In addition to her incredible vocal acrobatics, her arrangement of the song easily dismisses the verses by Kendrick Lamar and the rendition sounds like an original country piece.

After watching this cover, I went on a Sophia Scott binge. She rejuvenates over-played pop-tunes and turns it into country masterpieces. It would be great to have downloadables of her work, but for now you can enjoy this cover on Covrdup Radio! Please support Sophia Scott and her work by checking out the artist links above and sharing it with the links below! Always remember, Stay #Covrdup My Friends!

You Wouldn’t Like Me (Tegan & Sara) – Nataly Dawn [cover]

The fear of public speaking has always been one of the top fears among Americans. Public speaking includes speaking in front of a large audience, introducing oneself to new classmates the first day of school, meeting fresh faces at a party, a first date, or any situation requiring a monologue of some sort.

According to Chapman University’s survey on what Americans fear most, it is the only fear in the top five that has nothing to do with being a victim to violence, death, or any illegal activity.

For those of us that fear public speaking, the angst stems from the thought of what others MIGHT think of us. But it’s surprising, how in a world where social media allows us to post images of our lives instantly and share our most intimate thoughts globally (no matter how meaningful or menial it might be), we are still frightened by the thought of speaking to strangers or even to acquaintances; social media not only gives us an instant global platform to broadcast our lives, but it also gives the audience an opportunity to voice their opinions about our content instantly. Why don’t we fear this?

It’s an enigma (try saying that ten times really fast), which brings us to today’s song of the day, You Wouldn’t Like Me. This track was originally written and performed by Tegan & Sara, a Canadian indie-pop duo composed of identical twin sisters. There are many interpretations of this song; many say it’s about the early stages of a romantic relationship, some say it’s about self-doubt and not being content, and I’ve read some people say it’s about online dating. All of the above are valid opinions, but let me put it to rest and let you in on the truth. It’s actually a confession of a phobia, the phobia of public speaking.

Nataly Dawn performs an amazing cover of You Wouldn’t Like Me that intensifies that feeling of anxiety before speaking to an audience through her ingenious musical arrangement. Everything from the delicate sounds of her keyboard, to the innocent percussion, Nataly confidently oozes the dreadfulness of making a good impression on others. Even her facial expressions in the video depict how one would feel when walking into a social event where everyone is wearing a “Hello my name is” sticker.

hello my name is

As you’ve noticed from the video, Nataly Dawn is not only stunning, but she is strikingly gifted; she has an amazing voice and rocks out on multiple instruments while reassembling the original track You Wouldn’t Like Me, from scratch. Like many covers featured here on Covrdup, this version is also so much better than the original, why else would we share it with yall? Get your own copy of this cover and feed your playlist!

If you’re a fan of Regina Spektor‘s style of music, Nataly Dawn is a must for your musical diet. Her covers and originals will satisfy the appetite of any folk, jazzy, indie enthusiast, and if you’re not, it will inspire the acquired taste necessary to thoroughly enjoy that genre. Nataly Dawn has a five star album out titled, How I Knew Her, and it is available now at your local iTunes.

Before you go running off getting your copy of Nataly’s music, check out the artist links above, and share her awesome cover with the links below… And ALWAYS, Stay #Covrdup My Friends!

Anytime (Brian McKnight) – Amy Krebs [cover]

Nineteen ninety-seven (1997) was quite a year for Leonardo DiCaprio. It was his biggest role yet in one of the most epic romantic films on the silver screen, Titanic. The one hundred ninety-four minute love story grossed over $2 BILLION, and it was the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark. Not only did this film make DiCaprio and Kate Winslet a lot of dough, the film also won ELEVEN Oscars, tying Ben Hur, a film from 1959, for the most Oscars won by a single film (Wikipedia)!

In the world of music, Brian McKnight dropped his third album, Anytime which took the number one spot as the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album in 1998. The second single of that album was the title track, Anytime which has the most beautiful piano intro to any R&B song.

Anytime is about nostalgia with a lover long gone, just like the story of Jack and Rose in Titanic. Anytime would’ve been a perfect substitute to Celine Dion‘s, My Heart Will Go On. Don’t you think it would’ve complemented this final scene? Moving on…

Throughout the years, many artists have attempted to recreate Mr. McKnight’s music, and Anytime is definitely not an exception; there are over one hundred seventy-eight thousand covers on Youtube alone. The one we picked out for today’s #fbf is the one by Amy Krebs.

The song starts off with an organ feel to it. I’m not a fan of the organ unless I’m at a baseball game, but Amy’s voice more than makes up for it; my ears quickly surrender to her beautiful rasp, and I am instantly entranced by her voice. She goes off tangent from the original melody, but keeps the digression subtle and tamed, just enough to appreciate her vocal acrobatics without completely transforming the song. The song builds into the climax at around the three minute mark, and Amy throws in some amazing adlibs to add the cherry on top!

It’s been over a year since Amy Krebs posted a new video, hopefully this feature will inspire her to bless us with a new one.

This version is definitely going into our Covrdup Radio playlist, and I advise you all to step your tunes up and take a listen. Finally, don’t forget to check out the artist links above and share with the links below; Always Stay #Covrdup My Friends.

Talking Body (Tove Lo) – Vanquish [cover]

Lust is a very strong sexual desire or having a very strong sexual desire for someone.

Pizza is a relationship. Relationship needs love. Love without lust is like pizza without cheese.

Let me explain.

The dough of the pizza represents love, the foundation of a relationship between two lovers. Without a greasy crunchy yet soft dough to support all the fun that’s going on top, might as well go grab yourself a soft taco.

Once you have the “Costco Pizza” like foundation, there’s something to be had. Now it’s time for the toppings. There will be romance (pepperoni), there will be laughter (mushrooms), there will definitely be good times (onions), and there will be some not so great times (pineapple); but without the cheese (lust) holding it all together, everything will fall apart.

Lust is that gooey oily viscous sexual intensity necessary for couples to string each other along while keeping all the other goodness intact, like cheese. Without cheese, you can have pizza; but trust me, when you see another pie with that bubbling steaming hot cheese on top… the current relationship will only be as successful as the one portrayed by Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti) in A to Z, which lasted one unsuccessful season.

Furthermore, imagine cold pizza without cheese; it’s the cheese that makes cold pizza worth eating!

Talking Body is the hit single by Tove Lo, a chart-climbing track about the crucial binding agent that keeps any relationship going strong. Vanquish – a threesome of Becky (left), Lucy (middle), and Sophia (right) – performs an alluring cover of Tove Lo’s Talking Body that delivers some serious heat. Their harmonies turn the original solo-dance track into a triple-cheese ballad that’ll turn any piece of dough or flat bread into a delicious pizza pie. I personally love Sophia’s lower range throughout the song; it definitely brings out a cool deep voluptuous flavor, like goat cheese.

The Vanquish girls are green veterans to the pop scene in the UK, and they are slowly picking up the temperature here in the States. Currently, they have a single out titled Damn, which is available at an iTunes.

Keep your ears tuned by staying #Covrdup with us, and we’ll bring you the latest from Vanquish right to your eardrums. We’ve also added this cover onto our Covrdup Radio playlist for your pure enjoyment. Don’t forget to check out the artist links above and share with the buttons below, AND ALWAYS, STAY #COVRDUP MY FRIENDS.